“My name is Keith Broemmer, and I am a principal of Chesterfield Faring LTD. We are an investment banking firm located in Manhattan, NY, and we have been working in the real estate financing world for over 35 years. We had the pleasure of meeting and working with Michael Friedman several years ago, and did several deals in North Dakota.

Michael introduced Millennia a year ago to us, and we helped secure a debt source for Millennia and helped them close a large deal in the South East portion of the United States.

We have been very impressed with the professionalism of its entire staff, and Frank Sinito has put together one of the best affordable development teams we have had the pleasure to work with. Frank’s attention to his tenants, his staff, and his investment partners is truly remarkable, and we have enjoyed the opportunity to work with such a reputable and responsive sponsor.

We have introduced Millennia to many of our institutional partners, and our experiences have been positive and profitable. We love working with the underwriters, Jim and Harry, as they have an understanding of what institutions need, and it makes our job much easier.

Our company looks forward to working with Millennia for the next several years,  and the CEO and founder, Larry Selevan, has indicated that we need to find more partners like Frank Sinito to align our business to.”

“My name is Dean Adler, and I am the CEO and founder of the Lubert Adler Funds. Lubert-Adler Partners, LP, is a real estate investment firm specializing in acquiring and enhancing mid-sized value-added rental assets, including multi-family, credit retail, urban mixed use and business hospitality assets. It redevelops various property types, such as student apartments, market apartments, and condominiums. Our firm seeks to redevelop properties in North America with a focus on United States. Lubert-Adler Partners, LP was founded in 1997 and is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with additional offices in Wayne, Pennsylvania; Baltimore, Maryland; Boston, Massachusetts; New York City; and Los Angeles, California.

I have known Michael Friedman for 45 years, and he worked for several companies of mine, and we have had many business dealings together. He introduced me to Frank Sinito, 2 years ago, and recently we made two significant investments with Millennia.

Our 20 years of doing business we have a 3 simple fundamental rules in where we invest our funds,
1. The opportunity
2. The Sponsor
3. Try to understand the timing of the market.

It is very hard to predict market patterns, but we spend a lot of time understanding the opportunities, and how our sponsor/partner manages the opportunities and his business. We were super impressed with Frank and his talented, hardworking team. They pay very close attention to their tenants, their staff and their equity partners. We feel Frank is the perfect partner for us, and we are looking to extend our relationship with his company and expect significant returns from all of our efforts”