Toimiken Potts, also known as “Toi”, is the Senior Activities Director for four communities managed by Millennia Housing Management, Ltd. (MHM) in Jacksonville, Florida. She has worked within these communities since June of 2014, and with MHM since 2017 when the company assumed property management responsibilities.

As Senior Activities Director, Toi oversees the programming, resources, and partnerships for the group of properties. She has made a positive impact on the communities and in the lives of the residents who live there; recently, she provided us some insight into her role:

Q: What are some of the programs you have implemented during your time as Senior Activities Director?

TP: The Motivated Moms Program and Volunteer and Leadership Program are the two main programs that I have facilitated.

Q: Can you tell me more about the Motivated Moms Program?

TP: The Motivated Moms Program allows for moms who sign up to get a gift bag, on a monthly basis, with baby clothes, job resources, and more. We interact with moms one on one and put them in contact with partners who then help them to obtain life skills, a job, or job training. Additionally, we practice the value of gratitude.

Q: What is the Volunteer and Leadership Program?

TP: This program offers residents who want to volunteer the opportunity to go through orientation and leadership classes. They learn customer service skills, and it gives participants a sense of ownership about where they live. A big factor of this program is teaching residents what it takes to bring a community together.

Q: Which program would you say has been most successful?

TP: Our leadership program does well. Prior to renovations, we had four or five residents who were consistent. It is a great program because it teaches residents how to work together.