On March 24, 2023, a destructive tornado swept across Mississippi, wreaking havoc on many communities, including Moore Manor. Media outlets reported that the storm caused more than 26 fatalities in two states; thankfully, the Moore Manor staff and residents were not injured. For safety reasons, Property Manager Cotasha Randall and Maintenance Technician Kenneth Brown were first able to visit the property on March 25, the day after the storm passed. They took pictures of the extensive damage, which included downed trees and many missing rooftops; but first and foremost, they checked on the wellbeing of the residents.

While some residents went to stay with friends and family in the aftermath, many stayed in their homes and were without gas and electricity. To meet immediate needs, the local food bank and community came together to distribute water and food from the church next to the apartment community. The American Red Cross provided three meals daily, as well. Back onsite, the general contractor, who has been facilitating the community’s rehabilitation, worked with the property management team to remove debris and cover rooftops with tarps.

On April 26th, approximately a month later, still without gas service, all residents were required to move offsite. Cotasha has been busy assisting residents with resources and maintaining contact. She shares that she is doing her best to be there to help residents in any way that she can because the moves have been stressful on them. Many households have school-aged children, and Cotasha is helping them to access resources such as gas cards to ensure that the children can attend school. We are deeply appreciative of Cotasha’s and Kenneth’s dedication to the community throughout this crisis, especially as they must also tend to needs at their own homes.