Last month, property management teams from various apartment communities in Kansas City came together to respond to a fire that occurred at Gabriel Tower. Fortunately, there were no injuries reported; however, the event created a stressful and difficult situation for both residents and staff. After evacuating residents, the teams worked to extract water from five floors and the lobby in addition to preparing three units for occupancy to avoid the displacement of households. The team also helped to make electrical repairs, avoiding the need for fire watch. Regional Manager Heather Furr reports that without the multi-team effort, the Gabriel Tower staff would have been there well into the night/morning, working with the fire department and meeting residents’ needs. Great job to the following team members who assisted in the response:

Marzavious Taylor (Mar) – Blue Valley, Maintenance
Jonathan Garcia (Joe) – Blue Valley, Maintenance
Harlon Taylor – Blue Valley, Maintenance
Thomas Hurde (TJ) – Line Creek, Maintenance
Curley Johnson – Olive Park, Maintenance
Michelle McCray – Olive Park, Acting Property Manager
Samantha Zahnter – Line Creek, Property Manager
Albert Smith Jr. (Al) – Regional Maintenance Manager
Lloyd Parton Jr. – Gabriel Tower, Maintenance
Troy Tatum – Gabriel Tower, Janitor
Equeah Vanreed (Q) – Gabriel Tower, Assistant Property Manager
Chris Abbott – Gabriel Tower, Property Manager
Heather Furr – Regional Manager