Alan Weckerly, Director of Revenue and Resident Services at Millennia Housing Management, Ltd., was recently re-elected as the Midwest Affordable Housing Management Association’s (MAHMA) President of the Board as well as the National Affordable Housing Management Association’s (NAHMA) Liaison. With over 20 years of property management experience, Alan has expertise in monitoring operations, program compliance, customer service, and personnel. We sat down with Alan to learn more about MAHMA and his involvement in the organization.

The Midwest Affordable Housing Management Association is a professional association comprised of owners and managers of affordable housing throughout Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Please tell us about MAHMA and its mission.

AW: MAHMA was designed to provide the necessary support to the primary activities and operation of the parent organization, National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA), which works to advance the affordable housing industry.

Why is this mission important in general? Why is the mission important to you?

AW: In general, it is a tool to enable owners and management companies to be connected to the complex world of affordable housing. Personally, it is important because I am representing our important and influencing decisions that affect the industry. My involvement has provided an important connection to my career in affordable housing.

How did you get involved in this organization?

AW: In the very first position I had in affordable housing I had a mentor who was actively involved in MAHMA. That connection guided me into the same platform of participation to stay engaged with affordable housing. I have been an involved member of MAHMA since 2001.

What does your role as President of the Board entail?

AW: With the assistance of a strong administrative staff, I continue the MAHMA strategic plan to provide and coordinate appropriate affordable housing industry tools, meetings, and participate in NAHMA events.

What are a few goals MAHMA is focused on for the upcoming year?

AW:  We are focused on continuing to work with the six Midwestern states that are a representation of MAHMA, increasing membership, providing solid, legislative and appropriate information.

We are excited for Alan and congratulate him on his new leadership role.

For more information about MAHMA, you can visit their website here.